Manish Rana SharePoint/O365/Azure Consultant

Welcome to ThinkB4Code, a blogging site on Microsoft technology stack, majorly focused on SharePoint (On-prem & Online), Office365 Power Platforms like PowerApps, PowerAutomate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow) and Azure.

Throughout my journey, I was focused on only one thing, i.e. the requirements of project/client. I had personally experienced that, sometimes developers lost the track between requirements and what technology offers and start patching the out-of-the-box features or custom build everything from scratch without knowing what is already there or how to leverage out-of-the-box features. Especially, when it comes to SharePoint, I had seen on-prem farms with tons of customization and now with growing demand of SharePoint Online, I am seeing the same pattern, developer are heavily investing their time customizing out-of-the-box SharePoint features. In my opinion, and this is the advice I am giving from last 6-7 years, that start using SharePoint out-of-the-box, its feature rich and believe me, I had worked in finance domain and limited the customization to approx 15% total features. 

So here, we are not just going to talk about customization, but we’ll see how to use SharePoint out-of-the-box with no or least amount of code customization.