Manish Rana SharePoint Architect

I am a SharePoint architect cum developer having experience in version 2007 to 2016 and SharePoint Online. I started my SharePoint journey back in 2012 as developer primary working on server object model (farm based solutions) and client object model (majorly CSOM and JSOM and later with REST API). Today, I work completely on SharePoint Online (SPO) building SharePoint client side solutions using ReactJS in SPFx, Microsoft Power Platform (PowerAutomate, PowerApps and Azure)

Throughout my career, I heard a lot about SharePoint (especially from end users) as document management product, but I wont blame them for this. It is because of poorly implemented solutions on SharePoint. I know it is a complex system to understand, but writing custom code for everything in SharePoint is not the correct way of utilizing it. From my perspective SharePoint is a collaboration platform and can be used from basic document sharing feature to all the way creating line-of-business applications.

In this site, I’ll try to cover more business scenarios and build open-source plugins for SharePoint which can be useful and solves business problems.