Who am I?

My name is Manish Rana, a MS Cloud technology consultant and an Engineer by degree in IT.

What I do?

I am Microsoft SharePoint consultant with over 7+ years of experience and a total of 10+ years of experience in IT. I work on most of the Microsoft cloud platform including Power BI, Power Apps, MS Flow, SharePoint Online, MS Teams, Azure DevOps and Microsoft Azure.

How did I started?

I started my journey as a freelance while pursuing my Engineering in Information Technology. At that time, I used to work on open source technologies like Java (Command Line, SWING and AWT), J2EE, PHP, MySQL etc. As a freelance, I used to do full stack web development, that include architecting the application designs, UI/UX design and development, backend development, configuring hosting services, etc. and worked on mobile application platforms like PhoneGap and Ionic Framework.

My Journey to SharePoint

Believe me or not, my journey to SharePoint is not by choice. I started my professional career with IBM Lotus Notes technology, but soon switched to SharePoint. It was an era of on-prem, and I started with SharePoint 2013 version, and later worked on 2007 to 2016 versions. Initially, the concept of Farm, Web Application, Site Collection, Sub Site, List and Library (definition, templates, schema, forms, views etc), Features and their scope, Even Receivers, Timer Jobs, in fact the WSP solution itself looks very confusing to me and it took couple of months to pick the pace. But once the concepts were clear, I started loving the technology and started deep diving into the actual SharePoint architecture by exploring the content databased. The more I was exploring SharePoint, more I am falling in love it. But still there was one thing bothering me for long. The development model of SharePoint for SSOM (where I spend most of time). Then the SharePoint Online (SPO) emerges in the market, and until SharePoint Framework (SPFx) announced in the market I was not a big of SPO, writing CSOM code and hosting it as sandbox solution is not my way. But SPFx changed my perspective and I started loving the new development model for SharePoint. I adopted SPFx development from the very beginning and from that time I never looked back on SSOM.

Why ThinkB4Code?

I can publish a book on this based on experience but let’s keep it very simple. In today’s world, when we are juggling between on-prem and cloud, and things are moving from web or desktop platform to mobile, it’s hard to make decision how to solve a problem. Writing the code is never a problem for a developer but what to write is. So here come ‘THINK’ part, even before starting a code, explore all the options, and come a solution which should be cloud first (but can support on-prem as well based on requirements) as sooner or later we need transition to cloud, highly performance oriented, improve productivity and is available on the go. Once you combine these factors, you can go ahead and start ‘CODING’.